Accelerate your research

Maximize the potential of your clinical and genomic data by combining it with best-in-class analysis, reference data sets and domain-specific visualizations. To request training or a custom solution contact us at contact@oncoscape.org.


All data manipulation and augmentation is done using established open source libraries and public stores with citations.
All analysis in Oncoscape is fully reproducible. Pause, rewind and interrogate every variable and result.


Public Data Sets
Explore The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and other curated data from our growing list of reference libraries.
Private Data Upload
Securely manage and analyze your clinical and genomics data, then share results with colleges.
Gene Sets
Select from thousands of curated gene sets from MSigDB or create your own.
Select from thousands of the top-level pathways from Reactome, PathwayCommons, and more.


Clinical Dashboard
Compare cohorts at a glance.
Sort and export your data, cohorts and genes of interest in tabular format.
Matrix Decomposition
Visualize the inherent spatial structure of high dimensional datasets in 3D. With 13 fully customizable linear dimension reduction algorithm, select from 5 variants of PCA, Factor Analysis, LDA, SVD and more.
Heat map
Sort, group and visualize your data using 7 agglomerative clustering algorithms in conjunction with 20 distance metrics. Leverage dendrogram to sub select populations of samples or markers for further investigation.
Identify chromosomal regions of interest by projecting your data onto a visual representation of the genome. Overlay CNV, Gistic or expression data along with Topically Aligned Domains and Cytobands. Explore thousands of curated gene sets or create your own.
Compare datasets at the chromosomal level with circos and linear visualizations. Overlay pathways or topically aligned domains.
Overlay your data on over 5,900 pathways curated from Kegg, Panther, Reactome, SMPDB, WikiPathways and Pathway Commons.
Estimate and compare survival rates for patient populations using Kaplin Kaplan-Meier, Nelson-Aalen, Aalen, Weibulland Cox models.
Estimate and compare hazard rates for patient populations using Kaplin Kaplan-Meier, Nelson-Aalen, Aalen, Weibull and Cox models.
Visualize patterns in time series data with an interactive swimmer plot. Sort, group and highlight patients using clinical attributes.
Box + Whisker
Gain insights into the distribution of your data by visualizing the minimum, first quartile, median, 3rd quartile and maximum values.
Force Directed Graph
Visualize graph data in three-dimensions using a class of algorithms called "force directed graphs. " These algorithmsuse the number and strength of connections to position nodes.
Connect multiple graphs with edges. Link tumor/normal samples or visualize mutations.